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Buying a coupon code via PayPal
After confirming your e-mail address, you can transfer to our PayPal account any amount of USD or RUB (minimum is $1). The payment will be instantly received and processed by the robot. A coupon code for the same worth will be sent immediately to your e-mail.

Dear friends, at the moment we are experiencing frequent bank account locks (bank accounts where we withdraw money from PayPal and to transfer them further to Anti-Captcha). In this regard we are forced to place a commission on your PayPal transactions in order to partially cover the money losses of these locks.

They are especially blocking us because of the large number of small transactions (up to $10), so we are forced to introduce a super large fee of 50% for transactions up to $10. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.
transaction sum
up to $10
50% 😞
from $10 to $100
from $100 to $500
from $500 to $1000
from $1000

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